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How it Started

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Photo: Elegant Equus Photography


There isn’t a day I can remember that I wasn’t thinking about horses. From [and still] located in Penfield NY, the ride continues to this day and has expanded through Monroe County.


The journey began when I started taking hunter/jumper lessons at age 11. From there I quickly became a barn kid- doing evening chores and riding whenever the chance presented itself.



In 1999 I stumbled across a Palomino filly that would change my life. Butter Ball was an unbroke yearling when I laid eyes on her. I was barely a teenager, but I had a feeling there was something special about her. The purchase happened when she was a 2 year old and she had only been saddled a couple of times. We were both green, but I knew after spending countless hours of grooming, doing ground work, bathing, watching and just being in her presence that we would be able to take care of one another. I learned about her quirks and she learned mine. We became a team before my butt ever touched her back. We learned about each other and worked together in all aspects of handling. Butter Ball and I are still a team to this day. Every day she is teaching me something new. We grew up together and we learned together. I can look at her and know what type of ride I’m going to have on any given day. I can also take one look at her and know if something is wrong. With us being in sync- stride by stride-we’re able to take on all of the literal and figurative obstacles we may face. I want to work with others in not only riding their own horses, but helping them build a long lasting compassionate relationship with their horse, like I have with Butter Ball. “


-20+ years of equine experience -TOP TEN, 7th Place in the Virtual Massachusetts Equine Affaire 2020 Horse and Rider Versatility Challenge -17th Place in the West Coast Ranch Horse Virtual Ranch Trail Challenge against 30+ riders from all over the world -High Point and multiple discipline division championships in the local series -Associates in Applied Science for Equine Science and Management (Western) -Bachelors in Technology Equine Business Management-2009  -Intern at Winding River Quarter Horses with the Pearsall family. Worked directly with AQHA trainer Jodi Follett. -IHSA Western Team riding under Bonnie Miller and Lewis "Spike" Holmes. Regional qualifier in 2007

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